Bill Walkingshaw, Managing Director, TEMS International Bill Walkingshaw, Managing Director, TEMS International
Friday, 07 July 2017 15:05 Written by TEMS

International Drilling Fluids Management Specialists Launch New Business

A new oil and gas service company has been established in Aberdeen which aims to provide operators with significant cost savings over the life-cycle of their drilling campaigns.

TEMS International, a drilling fluid systems specialist, has been founded by a team of experienced oil and gas industry professionals, led by managing director Bill Walkingshaw. Each of the six-strong team has over 25 years’ experience in the oil and gas industry, much of which has been gained in drilling fluids management and the handling and treatment of slops and drill cuttings.

The new business will offer operators a comprehensive range of services that optimise the performance of drilling systems which, in turn, reduce drilling costs and ensure environmental and regulatory compliance. Services can be delivered across the life-cycle of a well from field development through to abandonment and decommissioning, enabling the greatest efficiencies to be realised for clients.

TEMS’s services include rig audits, continuous management and optimisation of drilling fluid systems and solids control equipment. The main focus of its service is ensuring that drilling processes remain compliant with varying regional regulatory and environmental legislation.

As an independent firm, TEMS is not aligned to any single drilling equipment manufacturer or service provider, meaning that it can give unbiased recommendations to clients.

TEMS can deliver its services in oil and gas provinces around the world, on both onshore and offshore drilling installations. It seeks to work as an integral part of an operator’s drilling team. Initial target markets for the firm include the UK, USA and Asia. In May, it attended OTC in Houston, where it held positive discussions with a number of US-based operators.

Bill Walkingshaw, managing director, said: “Driven by the current oil price, cost efficiency and regulatory compliance continue to be major factors in the oil and gas industry. There is strong demand from operators and industry bodies for service companies to help identify where costs can be trimmed, without negatively impacting on quality, safety or the environment. The review of drilling fluids systems is a crucial part of that process.

“With our extensive knowledge and experience, the team at TEMS can deliver this essential service for exploration and production firms operating around the world. The cost savings that a member of TEMS staff can achieve by optimising the drilling system on an installation, whether onshore or offshore, will outweigh the cost of having them on-board.

“With the $40-60 oil price bracket appearing, for now, to be the norm, we all have a responsibility to ensure drilling operations are conducted with the greatest efficiency. Often, little changes can have significant positive impacts.”

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