Technology continues to transform every aspect of our lives and its role in modernising oilfield operations is no different.

An increase in the number of internet-connected devices being used at drill sites is accelerating that change. The real-time data generated is proving crucial in helping inform decision making.

For independent oil and gas service company TEMS International, the desire to offer its clients greater immediacy to view the results of its services led to it developing bespoke well reporting software EAGLE Reports. It uses a series of automated algorithms to generate daily, completions, compliance and end-of-well reports.

The UK-headquartered company, which has offices in Houston and Kuala Lumpur, specialises in providing drilling performance management and environmental compliance services to E&P companies around the world. It is committed to supporting clients in optimising drilling performance, to improve efficiencies and lessen the environmental impact of operations by reducing the carbon footprint of assets. That ethos also runs through EAGLE Reports.

Creating the cloud-based software has revolutionised TEMS International’s reporting systems, enabling faster access to results for clients, who can securely log-in to access the information. It means that drilling decisions can be made using the latest data, assisting improvements to operational efficiency.

TEMS International enlisted the services of software developers DEV4 Online which worked in close partnership with the firm’s experienced engineers to custom design, code and build the software package. The developers analysed the complex calculations, reports, documents and systems previously used by TEMS International to evolve them into the single cloud-based program.

TEMS International EAGLE Reports

After a period of intense testing, EAGLE Reports launched in 2019, generating all of the daily, completions, compliance and end-of-well reports that TEMS International produces for its customers. Underlining the firm’s commitment to the software and enhancing the information it generates for the end user, a series of updates have since been applied to the system.

EAGLE Reports uses standard industry calculations that have been coded into automated processes. These pre-set algorithms remove the potential for human error during the reporting process and enhance transparency for the client.

The system’s intuitive interfaces and streamlined data processing and document production creates significant time savings in preparing reports. This allows detailed real-time data to be presented to clients, enabling them to make informed drilling decisions in a shorter timeframe.

Clients can access the system via a secure log-in, with the reports stored electronically on the cloud. Current and historic data can be safely accessed and analysed by drilling teams, both onshore and offshore, from anywhere in the world. Data can be exported and displayed as charts and graphs for easy analysis and discussion amongst teams.

TEMS International EAGLE Reports

The web-based software features a responsive design, allowing it to be accessed with ease via a browser by users of desktops, laptops, tablets or mobile devices, all without the need for installation.

In place across the system is full traceability of all inputs and actions undertaken, which offers accountability for quality management purposes. The digital nature of the software, its reports and their storage is also delivering environmental benefits, with reduced paper usage, printing costs and physical storage.

Bill Walkingshaw, managing director of TEMS International, said, “EAGLE Reports has seen the complete digitisation of our well reporting process. It has increased the transparency for clients, sped up how quickly they can access results, and being cloud-based means the reports can be viewed with ease by teams around the world at any time of the day.”

“Access to real-time wellsite information can be crucial for our clients, helping them to make informed drilling decisions based on the latest data. That is exactly what EAGLE Reports is delivering for clients.”

Complementing EAGLE Reports, TEMS International is set to launch TIGER Reports which will separately manage the environmental reporting requirements of clients to government bodies.

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