TEMS International, a leading provider of environmental management and compliance services to oil and gas exploration and production companies, has secured its first contract to support drilling operations in offshore Malaysia.

The independent oil and gas service company was awarded a multi-year deal with the operators of a major offshore natural gas project off the coast of the Asian country. Its involvement in the project will contribute to making drilling operations more sustainable and will be delivered without the use of secondary cuttings processing equipment, which will help to reduce emissions.

TEMS International engineers will work onboard the drilling installation to deliver the firm’s drilling performance management and optimisation, continuous environmental compliance and carbon footprint reduction services. These seek to lower the cost of drilling and cut the carbon footprint of the drilling asset by reducing drilling fluid usage, while ensuring environmental compliance is maintained.

In awarding this contract to TEMS International, the operators are placing increased emphasis on limiting the environmental impact of this project. It is a positive trend that the Aberdeen-headquartered company is witnessing in other oil and gas provinces around the world.

As part of the contract, TEMS International engineers will also be responsible for training local-based rig personnel to respond to any drilling fluid spills safely and efficiently.

TEMS International was assisted by its partner in Kuala Lumpur, Onyx IES, in securing the contract. Although this is the first project in Asia that TEMS International will support drilling operations on, it has previously undertaken audits of drilling installations in the region ahead of their mobilisation.

Emy Marlina, business development manager for TEMS International based in Malaysia, said: “Central to winning this contract is our ability to support the operators in reducing the carbon footprint of their drilling activities. Alongside the continued focus on environmental compliance and efficiency savings, operators globally are placing an increased emphasis on cutting carbon emissions.

“By increasing the efficiency of drilling operations, the volume of fluids being used during drilling can be reduced, which can cut onshore transportation, shipping and processing costs. These savings all contribute to lowering the carbon footprint of an offshore installation. When hundreds or thousands of fewer barrels of fluid are required to drill a well, you begin to realise the scale of the financial and environmental benefits that can be achieved.

“Involvement in this latest phase of what is a major project in the region marks a milestone for TEMS International, being our first drilling project in Asia. The operators of this development are committed to minimising its carbon footprint and we are proud to support them and are certain others in the region will take notice.”