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Drilling Fluids Performance Management
& Optimisation

Drilling Fluids Performance Management & Optimisation

The management and optimisation of Drilling Fluids has an enormous impact on the effectiveness of drilling operations and ultimately, well costs. TEMS approach to Drilling Fluids Management / Optimisation stipulates a process approach to drilling fluids management that adds value to the entire drilling program. TEMS holistic turnkey approach ensures we lead the way in the independent management of the entire drilling fluids package.

This approach encompasses the environmental waste management and containment of drilling fluids under a single plan, thus eliminating surface spills, reducing well costs and drilling waste, and thereby improving fluids performance during drilling operations.

Our ultimate aim is to ensure more effective and efficient drilling (reducing drilling days) through optimised fluid management, effective solids control management with the overriding proviso of safety and environmental protection.

Input in the well planning stage on fluids management and drilling waste management helps avoid problems before they arise during drilling operations. We seek to bring best practice from lessons learnt to all our projects with a focus on R&D to ensure we are both bringing the best experience to the table as well as the latest technological developments to the benefit of our clients’ drilling operations.
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