TEMS International Ltd.

Training, Research & Development

Committed to investing in research, development and training


TEMS strongly believes in the inherent value of investing in research, development and training. We strive to recruit the best staff and retain them by providing a rewarding work environment.

At the heart of this is providing the opportunity for personal development and career progression.

TEMS will seek to provide the most comprehensive training and development programs within our industry for our staff.


As a commitment to this philosophy, TEMS pledges to invest as a minimum, 20% of annual profits into research and development projects that will benefit the activities of our clients. We are more than happy to collaborate with any professional bodies or academic associations through funding and making our staff available for such research projects.

We will maintain an Advisory Board of academic and industry luminaries to guide our efforts and ensure that we are leading the way in developing systems, procedures and concepts that will ultimately lead to improved results for our clients.