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Employee Profile: Dr Emy Marlina

Career inspiration can come from many sources.

Sometimes it is from a book we read or programme we watch, or an idea that is fostered in our mind at a young age whilst at school. For others, the motivation for the career path they choose can arise a lot closer to home.

That was the case for Dr Emy Marlina, who is based in the TEMS International office in Kuala Lumpur, where she is responsible for supporting the growth of the business in Asia. Emy was inspired to enter the world of oil and gas by her mother who was a scientist in the sector, working for the Government of Malaysia and several multi-national E&P companies.

“My late mother played a big role in shaping my career since I was at a young age,” explains Emy. “She was a scientist working in the oil and gas sector for different organisations and has been – and will always be – my inspiration to be active in the industry, particularly as a process and solutions provider to the upstream and downstream sectors. From a young age I heard my mother talk about the work she was doing, and it led me to a career in oil and gas which I really enjoy.”

Following completion of a chemical engineering degree at university, Emy began working in the oil and gas sector in 2009. She spent around 10 years in technical and business roles with a company that provided research and development, laboratory testing, lubricant oil analysis and environmental consultancy services to a range of industries, including energy. Clients included E&P companies, drilling operators and maritime and power generation businesses.

Emy continued her studies and gained a Doctor of Philosophy in Chemical Engineering with expertise in catalysis from the University of Malaya. She is also a member of The Institution of Engineers, Malaysia.

Although Kuala Lumpur is very much home, Emy spent many years living in Liverpool in the United Kingdom, where she received her primary and secondary education. Away from work, Emy enjoys travelling and exploring new destinations. Other passions include gardening, abstract painting and craftwork.

Prior to joining TEMS International in late 2019, Emy spent time working as a senior lecturer in chemical engineering at Taylor’s University in Selangor, Malaysia. It was a role that saw Emy teaching a syllabus that was designed to equip students with a rounded understanding of the fundamental theories and concepts in chemical engineering.

At TEMS International, Emy plays a central role in expanding the business’s reach across Asia. She identifies business opportunities and is developing and maintaining relationships with new and existing clients, helping to show operators the potential savings that TEMS International and its team of skilled engineers can deliver.

Emy said: “The cost control and CAPEX/OPEX savings that TEMS International can achieve for clients and its continuous environmental compliance service are attractive to operators in the region. While the capabilities and efficiency of the EAGLE Reports well reporting software will also be of interest.”

As can be seen with her doctorate and work experience, Emy is always keen to build on the solid understanding she has of the global oil and gas industry. She is looking forward to continuing to sharpen her technical knowledge of drilling operations by learning from her colleagues at TEMS International.

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