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EAGLE Reports

EAGLE Reports: well reporting software

TEMS International is committed to supporting our oil and gas clients to optimise performance, improve efficiencies, reduce waste and lessen their environmental impact. They are themes that run to the very core of our independent services and are also benefits provided by our bespoke software system, EAGLE Reports, which produces our daily, compliance and end of well reports. These are stored securely online and are accessible by project teams globally.

The cloud-based software was created in 2019 to further digitise our existing system and make it more accessible to our teams around the world. A series of automated algorithms significantly reduces the potential for human error during the reporting process, it also makes the process more efficient and enhances transparency for the drilling client.

Key benefits of EAGLE Reports for producing daily, compliance and end of well reports:

  • Removes the potential for user error through automated processes
  • Programme algorithms increase transparency for the drilling client
  • Improved efficiency in generating reports
  • Reduces paperwork and cuts paper usage and printing costs
  • Reports are held electronically, reducing physical storage
  • Historic well data can be viewed and referenced with ease
  • Reports are stored securely on the cloud and are accessible globally by project teams
TEMS International Eagle Reports
TEMS International Eagle Reports
TEMS International Eagle Reports

Our team of engineers played an important part in working to develop the system with the software designers and have praised its ease of use and speed. The team has also received positive feedback from clients who have applauded the reduction in paper usage, printing costs and physical storage it offers.

EAGLE Reports generates real-time data and delivers significant time savings for our engineers in preparing reports. This means that the detailed data contained in our daily, compliance and end of well reports can be viewed by our clients in a shorter time frame, allowing drilling decisions to be made quicker. The system also provides a secure, unified central source for storing current and historic well reports that can be accessed by offshore and onshore teams.

The online software boasts a responsive design allowing it to be used easily on a PC, laptop or mobile device, boosting its functionality for our engineers when working at a drilling site.

EAGLE Reports was developed in the United Kingdom by Aberdeen-based software developers DEV4 Online. The software is continually being developed in order to provide our clients with all of the data that they require.

To discover more about EAGLE Reports, please contact us.

Screenshots of the EAGLE Reports software