TEMS International is an independent provider of environmental management and compliance services to the global oil and gas industry. Our services are focused on managing and optimising drilling performance and drilling waste in real time, while ensuring an asset remains in environmental compliance. Ultimately, our experienced team aims to reduce drilling costs and ensure legislative compliance targets are met or exceeded.

All objectives achieved without the use of a cuttings dryer package.

  • Location: Malaysia
  • Project date: May - June 2021
  • Drilling duration: 30 days
  • Total footage drilled: 13,558ft
  • Total estimated saving: $101,450.93
  • Estimated SBM savings: 1,403 barrels



A leading offshore exploration and production company with deepwater and shallow water assets in Malaysia contracted TEMS International to support drilling operations in June 2021. During the 18-day project, TEMS International engineers oversaw more than 13,000ft of drilling from a jack up.

TEMS International provided its drilling performance management and optimisation, continuous environmental compliance legislation and carbon footprint reduction services during the project.

Prior to the project commencing, TEMS International engineers conducted an extensive audit to identify potential issues regarding the containment of drilling fluids, diesel fuel and other hydrocarbons used in the daily operations onboard the rig. These observations were either resolved prior to and during drilling operations, depending on their seriousness, or recommendations made to implement improvements.

The overall aims of the project were to:

  • Achieve governmental oil on wet cuttings (OOWC) limitations in line with EPA reporting
  • Optimise solids control equipment to deliver maximum solids removal with minimum liquid retention
  • Reduce synthetic based mud surface consumption
  • Reduce shaker screen consumption
  • Minimise environmental impact
  • Reduce carbon footprint



Drilling performance management and optimisation
A process approach to drilling performance management that adds value to the entire drilling process. The service aims to ensure more effective and efficient drilling – reducing drilling days – through optimised fluid management and effective solids control management with the overriding proviso of safety and environmental protection.

Continuous environmental compliance legislation
Leading guidance on environmental compliance, prior to and for the duration of a drilling campaign. The comprehensive technical services and environmental consultancy enable well planners to ensure permits are in place, and that drilling operations keep pace with, or exceed, the evolving compliance regulations of drilling locations.

Carbon footprint reduction
Monitor and report the ways in which greenhouse gas emissions can be reduced by optimising drilling performance. The service monitors the emissions of an installation and highlights the cumulative environmental benefits of using less drilling fluid, which includes transportation, shipping and treatment.




Fewer barrels of mud used


Saved on mud costs


Average ROC rate achieved
Carbon Footprint


Of drilling asset was reduced


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