Continuous Environmental Compliance Legislation Services

Continuous Environmental Compliance Legislation Services

Regulatory compliance continues to be one of the greatest challenges for oil and gas operators. Not only is the oil and gas drilling industry highly regulated, but regulations are evolving and changing on an ongoing basis.

Staying compliant with the latest regulations is particularly difficult because the standards you had to adhere to yesterday may be even more stringent today/tomorrow. The cost of compliance has a consistently enormous impact on the bottom line - failure to adhere to compliance standards can lead to significant liabilities and hence penalties.

TEMS International can help you with this, delivering guidance on environmental compliance prior to and for the duration of your drilling campaign. We provide authoritative advice on environmental compliance and minimising risk. In short, the need to ensure that drilling operations and processes have minimal impact on the natural landscape has never been greater.

TEMS International provides leading guidance on environmental compliance for your drilling operations, our comprehensive technical services and environmental consultancy – supported by our bespoke well reporting software – enable your well planners to ensure that permits are in place and they adhere to relevant regulations.

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